Fix Your Tricks with a Custom Tutorial

You've scoured YouTube for ideas, you've asked for help on the forums, and you've studied the footage in slow motion- still no luck? You need answers.

"Throw your arms," "wrap tighter," or "kick harder" can be considered tips instead of answers; while they can help in some cases, they don't guarantee the desired result.


Trick Doctor: Individualized Lesson Plans for Learning Any Skill in Tricking

Practice only makes habit; Perfect practice makes perfect. To ensure yours is perfect practice, sometimes you need a better understanding of what you're doing. I won't simply give you tips. Instead I will outline complimentary skills that will stabilize your progress well beyond a single trick. I'll help you understand and learn to control your body in ways that will improve every skill you learn now and in the future! Here's how it works:

  • First you'll record footage of your attempts (or whatever you have to work with). You'll upload it somewhere, not necessarily public, then share the footage with me so I can see what you're doing. Any additional footage you provide is helpful so that I can get a sense of your skill level and current abilities. No matter where you live, you film on your terms; there are no time zone restrictions and you don't need to rely on the internet connection at your gym.
  • Next I'll analyze your footage and ask what you think about when you try the trick, so I can gain insight as to why you're currently doing things this way. I'll look for more than just what's going on in this clip; I'll evaluate your athleticism, the technique you're using, and your execution compared to an ideal model. Then I'll edit a custom tutorial video as a lesson plan just for you, which usually takes less than one week.
  • We'll set a time to have a Skype call, where we can go over the tutorial I've created for you. This gives you an opportunity to get a full explanation of how to overcome your obstacle, and ask any questions you might have about what you're learning. This part is interactive; we'll discuss multiple approaches until we find a way that gives you the confidence to achieve your goal! You can follow up afterward if you run into any trouble.


"Thanks for making tricking so fun & easy to learn. You gave me all the tools to continue on my own."

"Dan you're the most knowledgeable teacher! Thank you for the tips."

"Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the world; I owe much to your method!!!"

"The best teacher I've ever had. Never felt more encouraged!"

"You're the man who taught me how to really trick and combo!"

"I'm so glad I had the chance to take tricking classes with you. You were a great instructor."

"I thought I knew everything there was to know about this move, but you have continued to surprise me. Now I am sure I will be able to get it!"